Monday, August 13, 2012

Toaster House in Pie Town, NM

It was meant to be, because we could well have rolled through Pie Town without ever hearing of Toaster House. It started with the BikeandBuild kids.
Toaster House!
Tony and Joan
Then, in Quemado, Joan and Tony, who assist Nita as caretakers, pulled over in their pick up and told us exactly how to get there, where the frig with beer was located, etc.

Toaster House hostel is the gift of Nita Larronde, who raised her five children here. Although she no longer lives here, she leaves the house open as a haven to foot, bike, and horse travelers. Literally, there is a hand printed sign on the front door: "No one lives here any more -- please make yourselves at home."

The house is on the CDT (Continental Divide Trail), so it is a respite to the many thru hikers and bikers who pass through. Also, the place is home to over 200 people during the annual Pie Town festival, scheduled this year for Sept 8, 2012.

Can you imagine what it is like to be on the road for awhile and stumble upon a place like this? Look at the photos. It is a rustic log home, blending into nature in a way that is comforting rather than foreign to people who have been living outdoors, and yet offering all of the conveniences that we miss. There is a wall of shoes, and you are invited to trade yours in if you find a pair you like better.
Penthouse sleeping.

There is a full kitchen, bath, washing machine, and pantry, and a donation jar and guest book is the only request for repayment. We popped a frozen pizza in the microwave, showered, and eventually threw our sleeping bag in the middle of our hangout, the porch, with a full view of the stars. Not before going to the Pie-o-neer for the Friday night dinner, but that is another story, coming soon...

The porch...


Anonymous said...

aloha you travelers....Friday night dinner is at the Good Pie Cafe, not the Pie-O-Neer....the toaster house hostel is mostly for CDT hikers and bikers with a few of you east-westers/west-easters for spice....otherwise, you got our little town hearing about my friends and neighbors....will let them know they're on the blog....may all our journeys be safe....
alohugs, Nita

cougina said...

I think I got the corrections made - Thanks, Nita... If we ever settle down we'll send you our address and hope you come to visit... Aloha! -- Aggie & Cougina

Anonymous said...

I stayed at the Toaster House recently and it was amazing. I wish I'd gotten to meet Nita but the stay was unrivalled anyway!